About Dana DeSarle Systems

I am a PGA Associate Teaching Professional and Certifed Personal Trainer based in Reno, Nevada. I specialize in golf fitness, physique training, and focus on the basic fundamentals of the golf swing.


I have designed and developed my workout system to be effective and time efficient complete in 30 minutes or less including golf specific exercises and stretches.  Workouts are based on my proprietary methodology of Main, Stretch and Burn… a new way to build muscle and burn fat.




As a former member of the Wolf Pack Golf Team, I have compiled 15 wins and 9, 2nd place finishes over the last 15 years in Northern Nevada between Club Championships, NNGA, SNPGA and most recently since turning Professional 2 Professional Pepsi Tour wins and won the Eldorado Black Chip Pro Am Senior Division.


My career low round was a bogey free 63 at Fernley Golf Course in the SNPGA PRO AM. I have been involved in competitive golf since age 8 with a solid junior, high school, college and amateur career.



Walking out of the gym one morning in November 2010, I saw a flyer for “Natural Olympia” right here in Reno, Nevada. I watched the contest and was motivated to compete in at least one body building and physique contest. The “INBA” Natural Bodybuilding appealed to me for obvious reasons.


I was in pretty good shape at this time: 177 pounds, 33 inch waist, a 4 pack of abs (the bottom two have a little insulation for the coming winter), but I looked good and decided to go for it.


The competition was in June. I had some work to do, and not a lot of time to get it all done. So the journey began to enter my first competition which I ended up winning, and in the process, I developed my system.


That’s what the Dana DeSarle System’s all about:


I am simply sharing my secrets and training program that I have created to work with my busy schedule and family life.


As a result of this first competition, I qualified for my Pro Card in Men’s Physique in the INBA.

I’m Always Here to Help You, and look forward to hearing from you!